Profiled or solid wall pipes made of polyethylene or polypropylene are well suited for the manufacture of horizontal and vertical tanks. For other special constructions like chimneys, compost plants, and wash towers Krah pipes offer all advantages regarding variety, precision, quality, and expandability.

Our technology allows us to use different materials for the inside and outside layer, which gives us a possibility to make shells to different tanks e.g. fuel tanks. These corps are produced with special electro conductive inner layer.

Today when the climate changes costs a lot of floods, it is come really important to canalize rainwaters. Within a sewage system, especially mixed water systems, reservoirs can store rainwater for delayed release to the sewage plant. This helps avoiding overload. As reservoir systems are usually built-in subsequently, they must be assembled in a very short time. Since the Krah reservoirs can be prefabricated, this condition is fulfilled perfectly.

We can also offer the ready-made solutions.