A complete pipe system is always just as secure as its weakest component. The weakest component is the joint. Therefore it is important to choose the most suitable and permanent one. The welding of small diameter plastic pipes and fittings with the help of electro fusion has been a common method in the market for years. Above all because this jointing technique is very favourable, simple and secure, which has caused Krah to develop this technique for big pipes according to DVS 2207-1.
A fusion wire is included into the socket of the pipe. After putting the socket and spigot of the two pipes, that shall be jointed, together, the wire is heated with the help of a special fusion device whereby the two pipe ends (the socket and the spigot) are welded together. This jointing technique allows pipes to be installed in such a short period of time never achieved before. With only one welding device it is possible to install a pipeline of 72 m with a diameter of 1200 mm inbetween 8 hours. The installation speed is now depending on the trench works.