Each project is unique and to achieve safe, working and at the same time optimal solution it is important to take into consideration all details of a certain project. Flexible technology of Krah allows to design and to produce each pipe exactly as the particular project or part of the project requires. That guarantees optimum solutions to each part of the project which in turn means minimum cost, as both of materials and of time, for the customer.

The static calculations based on a guideline ATV-DVWK-A 127E “Static Calculations of Drains and Sewers” allows us to guarantee that offered solutions are safe, have long life time and correspond to all requirements.

Parameters which significantly affect the design of the underground pipelines, tanks, pumping stations etc are following:

     - Dimensions
     - Installation depth
     - Soil
     - Groundwater level
     - Traffic load
     - Backfill type and quality
     - The type and quantity of installation pieces
By filling in questionnaire from our homepage you will give us enough information to calculate your project and make the price offer. With our offers you also receive calculation report which proves that our offered product corresponds to standards and particular conditions of any project and as specified by the customer in the questionnaire.