Krah Pipes produces manholes in accordance with the designer’s specifications. Manholes are made of polyethylene and they are in accordance with all the international regulations and standards. The materials used are environmentally friendly and durable. Therefore, they are the best choice for producing pipes, manholes and tanks.

Krah’s product portfolio includes a wide choice of manholes for water and sewage pipelines. According to the customer’s requirements they can either have a hatch made of cast iron or plastic. Hatches can be joined to the manholes in one of two ways: either fixed rigidly or by using telescopic pipe which allows them to move. We produce manholes with solid and grated hatches, both of which can be round or square.

The diameter of a manhole depends on its purpose. Normally the diameters of the jointing ends and where they are placed in relation to each other will be the most important factor. Also, the size of the equipment used for cleaning the sewage system must be considered.

Diameters of most common manholes (body/telescope):
OD200/OD160 mm
OD400/OD315 mm
OD560/OD500 mm
ID800/OD500 mm
ID1000/OD630 mm

To make it easier to inspect them, all Krah manholes have a yellow inside surface. Pipelines from a diameter of DN/ID800 mm and upwards we recommend, if possible (curvature manholes, flowing-through manholes) the more economical saddle manholes.