The producing technology for large diameter thermoplastic pipes developed by Krah AG is considered the most advanced and it allows to produce the widest selection of pipe products. This is a combination of universal production line which allows produce thermoplastic pipes with a diameter from 300mm – 4000mm and special line for a production of large amount of different ring stiffness pipes. The length of pipes produced is 1-6 meters and it is possible to produce them with or without socket connection. For the connection of pipes we offer our customers all known connection types: rubber casket, extrusion welding, heat element butt welding, flange connection and the unique integrated electro fusion joint.

Krah pipes are produced in an extrusion process, where a profile is wounded around a collapsible steel mandrel. Thanks to this unique solution we can use different material inside the pipe that is used outside. This allows us to use inspection friendly bright colored plastic as inside material and the same time outside material used is UV-safe black. Technology enables to produce pipes with smooth inner and structured outside, also smooth inner and outside with structured wall, multi-profiles etc. Using different profiles along one pipe length is also possible. Wide selection of different profiles creates a possibility to produce strong but light weight pipes using less material and trough that save our customers money.

Gravimetric dosing system assures that parameters given to the production line are fulfilled exactly. This assures that product coming from the production line answers to all requirements.