Estonian Energy Narva Power Plants - Pipeline Reconstrucion OD1600
Eesti Energia Narva Elektrijaamad (Estonian Energy Narva Power Plants) is the largest producer of electrical energy in Estonia and one of the most important power producers in Baltic region. The company is in constant development and renovation of its infrastructure. In 2010 the company started renovation project of its cooling water circulation pipelines located in Estonian Power Plant production facility.
Download the whole article here: Estonian Energy OD1600 renovation with Krah Pipes (pdf)
Download Borealis case study here: Estonian energy plant chooses durable BorSafe HE3490-LS pipes (pdf)
Tartu Ihaste DN1500 Pipeline Renovation Project
The mission underlies in replacing the existing reinforced concrete pipeline DN1500 with a new one ID800. Due to the high installation depth the pipes are pre-welded into segments and pushed into the old pipeline.
Download the whole article here: Tartu Ihaste DN1500 renovation (pdf)
Chemical Resistance Table
Download the whole table here: Chemical Resistance (pdf)