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Each project is one-of-a-kind.
Our goal is to achieve a solid and working optimal solution for each project which is why it is crucial to take into account all the practicalities of the work.

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We’re not just another pipe manufacturer

  • Latest technology

    Our smart and modern production line is meticulously designed, ensuring every movement is purposeful and essential, while excess is delegated to robots or eliminated altogether. Smarter decisions leave room for better results.

  • Personal approach

    We embrace the flexibility of our cutting-edge technology, enabling us to design and manufacture each pipe precisely according to the needs of your specific project. Going beyond mere design and offering comprehensive problem-solving is our strong suit.

  • Greener production

    We value efficiency and greener production technology. Use of solar energy, use of recycled materials and directing all the scrap back into production are just the simplest steps we can take.


Our flexible and varied production range is the key to finding the best solution for your project

  • Pipes

  • Manholes

  • Tanks

  • Pumping stations

  • Septics and mud separators

  • Other

About us

We take pride in the positive impact our specialised expertise brings. We have supported a wide range of projects, for supplying pipes for children's playgrounds or water parks, and even contributing to unique ventures like the bear cave in Elistvere zoo. We are also honored to be the godfather of Pootsman, the tiger boy residing in Tallinn zoo.

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